Artificial Intelligence – Social Impact & Consequences

I recently attended an event organised by the Warwick Business School on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Business productivity & cost benefits aside, one of the areas that intrigued me a lot was the impact Automation & AI would likely have on the societal aspects of life. Here is some food for thought:

1) The current world population is 7.5bn and projected to grow to 9 billion by 2040. AI is expected to result in a significant shift in job patterns, with a net projected reduction of jobs. A glaring question then is how will the majority of the global population keep themselves engaged in the coming years.

What will be the new jobs of the future & how will this impact the distribution of work & wealth across the world.

2) Where is the line between human accountability & artificial intelligence. Who decides if decisions made by a robot using AI are good or bad for the society, and more importantly, how can we control it in real time before the consequences become unmanageable

3) What would be the consequences if AI ultimately becomes much more advanced than human intelligence. Would this spell the end of the human race as we know it?

The following article by the Future of Life Institute provides some more perspective & information.